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Standalone Articles/Pages on Various Sites

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Sites and Articles on Plurality-at-Large

Daemonism Sites

*Please note that daemonism, though related to plurality, is not considered by default a form of plurality.

  • The Daemon Forum (TDF) – The primary forum regarding all things daemonism.
    • The Daemon Page – Information page associated with the forums. It is out of date according to the author as of 2015-04-15 (hopefully will change in the future).

Soulbonding Sites

*Please note that while soulbonding has a huge overlap with plurality with many soulbonding collectives being plural systems, it is not considered by default a form of plurality.

General Plurality Sites

  • Plurality Resource – A relatively young site aiming to compile articles on plurality. Hosts an active forum for plurals.
  • Plural Café – A social network-like website running on Mastodon that is focused on plural systems.
  • Collective Identities – A forum focused upon neurological and psychological models of plurality.
  • Multiplicity: The Missing Manual on Kinhost – A plurality wiki. Contains some old information and terminology, but is still handy.
  • /r/Plural – A subreddit for plurals and discussion of plurality.
  • WikiPlural – A new plurality wiki. As of 2015-05-05, it is rather bare since it is rather new.
  • Spacerobot Studio – Etsy page of a multiple system who makes and sells pride items for various minorities, including plurals

Sites Focusing on Clinical Multiplicity

Sites Focusing on Endogenic/Non-Clinical Multiplicity

  • The Layman’s Guide to Multiplicity by The Blackbirds – A slightly old site, but still one of the most comprehensive resources for newcomers to non-clinical multiplicity.
  • Ex Uno Plures by Plures House – Articles on plurality and self-determined identities.
  • Astraea’s Web – One of the oldest sites on non-clinical plurality. Outdated on some parts regarding plurality in clinical settings and strongly anti-psychiatric, but a valuable historical archive.
  • HealthyMultiplicity.com – A list of links to various plurality resources and blogs.
  • Birds of a Feather by The Feathers – A site compiling beginner/outsider info about plurality, with a large “how to” basics section for plurals as well as more “201” topics (e.g. “identity webs”, visualizing the innerworld in Minecraft).

Historical Accounts of Plurality

Plurality Beyond Pathological Models:

*Thank you, Collective Solipsism!

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