Welcome to Tulpa.io

Hello and welcome to tulpa.io!

I’m Sam, aka “Isatis”, and I decided to first make tulpa.io as a blog about me and my tulpa KT talking about various things in the tulpamancy community and greater plurality community. The original plan was for me and KT to alternate posting updates and opinions on tulpas and tulpa-related phenomenon, and it branched out to our idea of adding up-to-date pages. I felt I could supplement some of the other tulpa sites with new information and more of a push to relate this to the common person, people who have experienced similar phenomena that aren’t tulpas (such as plural systems) and are curious about what tulpas are, or tulpamancers themselves wishing to seek more information. Several great friends I have made through the tulpa community have offered to help me with the site in adding and editing the new content, and continue to help drive tulpa.io.

As word might have leaked out, I was picked by MTV to do an interview on tulpamancy and went on camera over a month ago via Skype. I have no brighter confidence than I already have for the team that interviewed me, and judging from our post-interview emails, things seem to be going great. I don’t know when the interview is expected to air, but I am hoping for a week or two from when this blog post was published, and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. I am also in talks with another TV network for an interview on tulpas and plurality, but that I cannot disclose more information of at this time.

To sum it up, this website is intended to discuss not only tulpamancy but plurality as it relates to tulpamancy, the positive psychological effects of having a tulpa, techniques that you can do with your tulpa and discussion about the origins of tulpas whether in the psychological or metaphysical school of thought with respect to different beliefs and opinions. This blog will be the discussion of topics within the tulpa community and elsewhere, and will feature not only me & KT, but also some of our contributors and guest contributors. Lastly, tulpa.io and its forums are a welcoming space for almost all opinions, and has moderation in place to respect that.

Tulpa.io is also dedicated to Ashlynn and her tulpas Serena, Meina, Teresa and Mio. They all passed away one month ago unexpectedly in their sleep, and were a great part in the foundation of tulpa.io with regards to helping the rest of the tulpa.io team with advice, server help and donating financially to certain features of the tulpa.io site. They were great friends of ours who made me and KT feel like we weren’t alone when it came to learning stuff in lots of areas, and continued to provide assistance for the site even until their untimely deaths. They will be greatly missed.

So without further ado, feel free to browse the site and discuss with other users here, plus keep tuned to this blog for more pieces. :)