Seven's Ultimate Guide to Tulpamancy

by Keiretsu

This guide is 100% accurate, and nearly that effective. The few outliers are those wired such that they can't create tulpas at all. Yes, it can happen, and I feel sorry for those few folks. Thankfully, it's rare they happen. Anyway, on with the guide.

Step 1. Read all the guides. Every one you can find.

Step 2. Throw out all the guides. Those are how others did things, not you.

Step 3. Think to and at your tulpa. Experiment with different methods learned in 1 and 2 until you find what you're comfortable with. Repeat until your brain catches on and starts replying.

Step 4. Enjoy your tulpa.

That's it. The whole step by step guide.

It wasn't hard. Tulpa creation isn't. The only hard part is that 'repeat' part. Seriously, it's going to require repetition. How much repetition is going to depend on your own wiring, repetition duration and frequency, methods that work for you, and so on.

Don't take anyone else's step by step guide and hold it as the bible of creation. This is a deeply personal process, and each guide was a single person's process. You aren't them. There might be worthwhile pointers to use, but in the end, it's going to be your own process that you develop.