Some of you might remember a very different site. Originally, was hosted on Wordpress, with an attached forum. Unfortunately, that's gone now. The previous admins' lives got too hectic, so they passed the site to us. We didn't have the time or technical know-how to maintain the site as it was, so after talking with them, we decided to scrap the forum and mirror the main site somewhere simpler.

Most of the information here was just transferred directly here, so you'll likely find some broken links and weird text glitches. We've thought about going through and cleaning things up, but to be honest, isn't very high priority for us. And many articles are outdated enough that they'd need more than a little polishing.

Likewise, with the forums gone, a lot of information posted there is gone as well. We have archives on hand and have reposted all the guides and tips, but can't promise anything else.

So, read everything here with a grain of salt. Hopefully, some of it can still be useful.

— Quandary Lions