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Servitor Creation

Discussion in 'Beginner and Creation Help' started by Tirisilex, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. Tirisilex

    Tirisilex New Member Tulpamancy System

    Sep 17, 2017
    I was discussing at another Tulpa site about Servitors. I'm having a hard time understanding how a servitor would actually work and how you would go about designing one. I was told that you can make a Servitor Control Anxiety or Build your Courage. How would you do that? I understand how a Servitor is made but What do I do to make it be able to control my anxiety? What steps do I take? the same with building courage what and how do I have a servitor build my courage? I mean it's got to be more than just having it say to me "Be Courageous." any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. FallFamily

    FallFamily Forum Goddesses Administrator Moderator Plural System Mixed-Origin System

    May 6, 2015
    She/Her, They/Them
    [Ice] I've made a few servitors, but nothing of that variety. Not completely sure how one would even try to make one. I've only attempted making a servitor to affect my emotions once, and never something like anxiety. It did sort of work, and it gives me a few ideas. Though, my particular use was very very very unhealthy, so I am glad I didn't know much about servitors back then or I might have hurt myself a lot more. The servitor was meant to prevent a certain emotion. Mechanism was to basically force a mental tangent if my thoughts drifted too close to something and change which memory compartment I had primary fast access to in order to prevent the particular emotion. I started by just being very aware of my thoughts and doing the process manually, suddenly jumping thought topic and fiddling with the memory bus so to speak. Got into the habit of doing that, and then shard-seeded it off into a servitor with some logging capabilities.

    As for the specific of controlling anxiety, there are a variety of angles I can think of one might approach depending on what one values most in their definition of control. For example, if one wants outward stability most, a servitor that will yank someone having an anxiety attack from the front and put someone else in would possibly meet the requirements, though it would fail if the priority was internal stability (an improvement would be to put the person into dormancy, but such a servitor still is prioritizing outward stability over internal stability). One prioritizing internal stability would look very different, though it could be surprisingly similar. One system's servitor might take control and get the system out of the situation causing the anxiety and then putting the person back in and letting them recover. Another's might notify others inside the system so that they can come towards front and help. Etc.

    I suspect that the key is that the angle of attack need not be direct. Indirect means can be quite powerful.