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Pinned Read These First - Your Question May Have Already Been Answered!

Discussion in 'Beginner and Creation Help' started by Falah, May 12, 2015.

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  1. Falah

    Falah aka the Chiaroscuro

    May 6, 2015
    The Quandary
    Many questions that we see newbies ask have been answered already. A number of them can be found on our FAQs page. Here are a few more--some may be from the FAQs, but expanded upon.

    How to know if something's your tulpa
    Is this entity I've had for a long time a tulpa?
    Suggestions for forcing
    Personality - how it develops, whether to assign an initial personality, personality forcing
    Choosing a form - should you?
    Parroting and puppeting is not always a bad thing
    About malicious tulpas - how likely are they, how to handle them

    Other questions without their own threads:

    Q. Can my tulpa take control of the body without permission?
    A. Contrary to what is commonly told in the tulpamancy community, it is possible–however, it is very rare and very difficult for the tulpa (host can sense it and override it easily) unless the ability is explicitly granted to them or is a trait of the system itself.

    There are two instances that lead me to say this. I know a DID system, Keiretsu, who has made tulpas–both tulpas are equally capable of grabbing body control in the same way the alters (their preferred term for the other systemmates) can. Another system I know, a tulpamancy system, has an agreement in place where the tulpa is permitted to seize body control and essentially lock down the host for however long it takes her to calm down if she attempts to self-harm, which he has done several times. However, again note that in Keiretsu’s case, the system had already been wired towards forced switching, and in the latter case, the tulpa was given permission for those situations beforehand.

    In short, if you’re worried about a worst-case scenario where you get a reckless/malicious/otherwise untrustworthy tulpa grabbing body control left and right and otherwise ruining your life, you’re very unlikely to run into it unless you’re extremely careless. Even in the case of the latter system, the tulpa only takes control without asking when his host is about to harm herself, and asks for permission otherwise.

    Q. Can depression affect tulpa creation?
    Can? Yes. Will? Can’t say. How? Depends, but a large number of people with depression went into tulpamancy and came out fine. It usually manifests in less energy during forcing and lower motivation. Just remember that tulpamancy isn’t a cure-all for loneliness or depression–you likely know that already, but can never say it too many times.

    Q. Can a tulpa create another tulpa?
    Yes, and there are actually multiple cases of this in the community. If you think about it, there’s no reason why this can’t be the case—a tulpa shares the same brain as their host and, with enough development, possesses the same mental abilities, so it stands to reason that they can create another tulpa on their own.

    Will be edited as more questions arise. If these don't answer your question(s) or you would like clarification, make a thread and ask away!

    Some other useful reads:

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