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    Apparently we haven't posted this here!


    Some time ago, a friend introduced me to this website called It's basically a website full of soundscapes and sound generators--there's a rainfall generator, a white noise generator, a bamboo chimes generator, a binaural beat generator, some musical soundscapes, and even a coffee shop simulator. Many of these generators are made of sounds recorded from life and arranged so there's no "looping". With each generator, you can also adjust sliders corresponding to different pitch ranges to create custom soundsets or compensate for your hearing/equipment--you are also able to save these soundsets and open multiple generators in different windows to mix sounds. If you're planning on listening to a certain sound for a long time, you can also set the sliders to animate themselves for some variety in listening. There's probably more features I'm forgetting.

    On paper, it doesn't sound like much, but this site is essentially ear candy. It's amazing. I've heard some tulpamancers say they have trouble focusing, or immersing themselves in their mindscapes. I've also seen people give advice on using white noise for auditory imposition practice--others have been considering binaural beats or getting into meditation. This is a great site for all of those, as well as for everyday purposes like noise blocking, improving concentration, or relaxing when music doesn't cut it.

    Oh yeah, and it's practically all free. There's some features you can't unlock without paying, like the ability to save your presets as cookies or load a bunch of generators in one window and one url, but those are only extras. Even the locked sounds become open for free listening after a while. If you do decide to donate, a one-time donation of five dollars gets you a lifetime account on that site--do consider donating if you have the money to spare.

    (Update: There are no longer locked sounds, just locked features like magic generators and radio streams. All regular sounds are now free to listen to. However, there's a new limitation where non-paying members are limited to loading one full generator a minute. You should be fine if you're listening to one generator at a time, but if you're trying out a lot of sounds or mixing them, it can get bothersome. A one-time five dollar donation will still remove this limitation. You can see the full list of locked features here.)

    Enjoy! And feel free to post your favorite setups. There's also a MyNoise subreddit at /r/MyNoise, though the setups that are posted there usually require a paid account to access.
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    This is a much simpler version of the above, less options but totally free and no real setup required
    Basic sounds for concentration with android and IOs support for on the go.