First Tactile Imposition: The Two-Finger Trick

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    Seeing a trend? This exercise is actually quite similar to the two-dot trick for visual imposition, as you might guess. It's nothing huge, but it should be an easy way to give yourself a taste of what it's like to feel things without actually touching them.

    On one hand, bring your index finger and thumb very close together, but not quite touching. An almost sort of pinch. Focus on the space between your fingers and imagine, as strongly as you can, holding a tiny sphere--say, a bb--between them. It might help you to combine this with the two-dot trick and also impose a faint sphere visually between your fingers. You should feel a sensation of there being something between your fingers--for me, it's a warm little sphere that tingles to hold.

    Congratulations, you've imposed a tactile object. Experiment with spreading your fingers wider, even holding the imposed object in your palm. Try out all sorts of things, like threads or even fabric--your imagination is the limit.

    (Note that this was written from a psychological perspective. People interested in the metaphysical view might be interested in the topic of energy work.)
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