Distinguishing your guilt from your tulpa’s feelings

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    Something we realized just recently is that it’s easy for the host to confuse their feeling of guilt with their tulpa’s feelings.

    This guide had stuff about learning to distinguish your own “essence” from your tulpa’s:

    I want you to listen to yourself. What is going on inside you? Can you perceive the flowing thoughts?

    Some people find this step difficult, but in the end, everyone gets the hang of it. There really is not much to explain – as hard as it is, you have to figure it out yourself what it means to listen to yourself.

    If you are successful, you should be able to make out the thoughts and their individual signature. You can trace them back.

    When you successfully trace back a thought, it will normally lead to yourself. Your own essence. […]

    You probably have started a Tulpa and wonder about its unresponsiveness or are worried about parroting. In that case, you are at the right address.

    1) What is your essence like? – Imagine it.

    2) Search your thoughts for yourself and look out for an alien presence If you find an alien presence – that is your Tulpa

    Now I’ve often felt guilty about things like not giving Meri and Miksu enough attention, or trying to make them into something they actually aren’t. But this morning, I was experiencing the same, and then I realized that, when I had a particular image of what I’d like to do with them, and I felt that they didn’t like it… that feeling didn’t actually come from them. It came from me, traced back to my own essence. It was me being guilty about, I’m not even sure what. But whatever it was, that guilt was blocking my connection to them, so that I couldn’t hear what they actually thought about the idea I had for them.

    We’re still not sure of what their opinion about it is, but at least it’s helpful to know that they might like it after all. (we’ve postponed further investigation of this until I’m more rested).
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    Ahh, yes, misconceptions do happen. One thing I have noted in our case, too, is that things like making an incorrect assumption or parroting a system mate can go both ways; I have parroted Connor just as much as he has parroted me. These days, however, we have grown accustomed to the other's 'essence', so much so that when parroting or blending does happen it does not take long to figure it out. It may help your tulpas better distinguish themselves from you, too, if you have them focus upon their own essence while you focus upon yours.
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    We've had a bit of trouble with this lately.

    It's like, we'll be doing something together, usually something Aisling wanted to do, and she'll become convinced that she's forcing me to do the thing. And I tell her and I tell her and she struggles to believe me. She wants to explain, what she means

    [It's like, I get this little anxious feeling, that you're upset with me, or that you don't want to do a thing, and sometimes it goes away if we shift focus to doing something that's maybe more your thing. I've been taking it as confirmation, but now you're saying...]

    I'm saying maybe that means you don't want to do the thing, or you're anxious for something else, and it's not my anxiety, so if you let me do things, you're leaving the front a bit and it mellows your anxiety not to be as present.

    Sorry for having this conversation out in the open, but I think we just figured something out that might help people. What I tell Aisling is to listen to my words, not try to read my mind. Maybe it'll be easier for her to do that. And like maybe I'm wrong about the way we feel, but even if I'm wrong when I say something, I'd rather she listened to my words.
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    Aniuś feels a bit guilty about the fact that most of what I do is help him function and don't seem to have an identity outside of this, but developing an independent identity is not easy and it will take me time, and so I have no issue with the current state of affairs.