Could a Tulpa delete their host?!

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    Dec 3, 2017
    Ok, first thing I'm gonna say here is that this was Mendel's idea so I'm a bit uneasy about this topic---

    If a Tulpa who was fully sentiant switched fully with their host, wouldn't there be a possibility of deleting your host (who is still in the Tulpa state when switched) as you would a Tulpa if they allowed it? It wouldn't harm the body, but would it like, kill the soul?

    If so, would the remaining Tulpas still exist? Would any of the hosts memories still stay in the brain?
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    [Ice] Yes. Hosts and tulpas are very similar in many ways, and this includes the fact that they can both die independently of everyone else in the brain. It can happen by accident. It can happen from a host not wanting to exist anymore. It can also be caused by another being living in the brain (whether tulpa or something else). There is nothing special about hosts here. Hosts just have been around for a while and thus are fairly well established and don't die easily. Developed and established tulpas are the same way.

    It can be done without harming the body. The other tulpas would survive it. The hosts' memories would still be in the brain, though whether anyone else could access them would depend on many factors.

    As far as souls, that is not a topic I am qualified to speak about.

    Abviously, the same morality questions come up as with tulpas. Some ones. Again, there is nothing special about hosts.
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    May 25, 2016
    A headmate is the exact same thing as a host - a mind inhabiting a brain. Yes, there's often differing degrees of sentience, intelligence and so on, especially early on, but that doesn't detract from the first sentence's point.
    Only difference for most (not even all) people: The host controls the body.
    Literally. That's the whole difference.

    And yes, if the "mental rules" your system works by allow for it, then hosts and headmates can definitely kill each other.

    But... you know. For one the rules of your system do have to allow for it, and secondly... uhm. You know. One of the head-inhabitants has to be willing to be a murderer.
    And calling either of these things common would be a huge exaggeration.
    (... though some "special" hosts tend to sometimes have a rather easy time murdering headmates left and right when they get bored of them, and it makes me want to vomit.)

    Brings me back to a thing I've been saying for a long time...
    ... that being: Once you get used to it and understand it, plurality really isn't actually aaall that exciting, phenomenal or let alone dangerous of a thing. At all.

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    Oct 21, 2017
    Well, I don't think that any mind, host or systemmate, can be killed without leaving a remnant from which they could potentially be resurrected.
    ...I hope...