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    Jul 19, 2016
    I'm planning on translating a lot of guides and verbs
    it might take a while but it is better than nothing. this page will be updated frequently :D.
    so, please mods, could you pin it?
    • Ayla switching guide: 100%
    Original English version:

    • Glossary: 100% glossary + tulpa.oi's

    • Kiahdaj's guide 31.82%

    Edit #1: god, i don't i can see any arabic letters anymore without having flashbacks to window's default text editor. i should finish the glossary in a few days.

    Edit #2: woo hoo, i finished the glossary. i feel like a boss rn lel. it was tiring even though it was short, since i have to give it extra care than a normal guide because its a glossary. its arguably the most important thing to translate imo! AND i've made a poll for what should i translate next in's forum. the majoraty (me included) chose kiahdaj's guide. even though its 22 pages!

    Edit #3: wohoo. im finally back at the game. yes im starting kia's guide which is arguably the best guide out there. i can't give out a date BUT, it is much easier to translate than ayla's since its more formal? i think that's the word. kiah's guide is perosnal and less of a textbook.

    Edit #4: griffin has shown alot of senteince lately. so i'm taking a break for a weak, but that doesn't mean i will stop translating! its just gonna go on a slower pace for the past week. sorru~

    Edit #5: the break is now over! sure, griffin isn't vocal yet BUT he became more sentient. i can smell it!, ok maybe not smelling it but feeling it. and not only that i came back stronger than ever! im planning to translate a WHOLE PAGE A DAY, or at least try to. sometimes its just too much words and i turn my self off. its 14% finished now suckers! my goal is near and its only getting nearerererer.

    kenkraken signing out~

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    Jun 1, 2016
    I love it. Now if only I knew Arabic..
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    Sep 19, 2017
    Thank you so much
    شكـراً لـك ❤