About Tulpa.io

Tulpa.io originally began as the personal site and blog of Isatis and KT. It was intended to compile the information spread out across the tulpamancy subreddit, Tulpa.info, and various other tulpamancy sites into one place for convenient, newcomer-friendly reading. Eventually, they decided to bring other systems into the fold, with the intent of creating a comprehensive tulpamancy resource that would also incorporate the wider scientific and historical picture of plurality. Do note that none of the staff are cognitive scientists or trained psychiatric professionals, so bear in mind while perusing the site that, while we can offer our perspectives as tulpamancers and plural systems, we are not trained to give formal psychiatric counseling or clinical advice.

We dedicate this site to Ashlynn (known also as metallica48423), Serena, Meina, Teresa, and Mio, collaborators and contributors to this site, dear friends to us and to many others–they who have touched many lives, who are dearly loved and greatly missed. Rest in peace.

Retired administrators, editors, and contributors of Tulpa.io include:

  • Kettu (Sam (Isa) and KT) – created the site and forum in the first place, and were instrumental in organizing it, keeping the group together, and keeping the servers working.

Some of the current administrators, editors, and contributors of Tulpa.io include:

  • The Quandary (Falah, Rain, Noctis, et al)
  • Fall Family (Tri and Hail)
  • Timbredoodle (Oswald and Timbre)
  • The Hidden Ones (Mel and Connor)
  • Keiretsu (Seven, et al)

Anyone interested in contacting us, including for media inquiries, may use our Contact Us form.