What if you were never truly alone?

The “real” is not simply limited to the physical. Ideas, the meaning of words, consciousness–all highly abstract, subjective, and nonphysical elements that are nonetheless key parts of our reality. And in this sphere of nonphysical-but-real lies selfhood and personhood itself.

Could you thus, in much the same way you craft an idea, craft a whole other person–one who thinks and acts independently of you–to share your mind with? A psychological companion?

As bizarre as it may sound–yes. Jung, Socrates, and many fiction writers have had them. As can anyone else.

Welcome to Tulpa.io: a repository of information on the tulpamancy community, tulpamancy basics, and tulpa creation, with discussions and a blog by contributors on the various aspects of tulpamancy. What is a tulpa? In one sentence–a sentient and autonomous mental companion. Tulpas are–or resemble to an indistinguishable point–a second consciousness coinhabiting a brain with their creator. Upon creating a tulpa, the creator, or “host” will essentially share their head and their life with another person. Want to know more? Click here.

In the sidebar, you will also find pages on the history of tulpamancy, different theories on the mechanisms of tulpamancy, myths and FAQs, topics to consider for those who are interested in tulpamancy, and a myriad of other subjects. 

Tulpa.io originally began as the personal site and blog of Isatis and KT. It was intended to compile the information spread out across the tulpamancy subreddit, Tulpa.info, and various other tulpamancy sites into one place for convenient, newcomer-friendly reading. Eventually, they decided to bring other systems into the fold, with the intent of creating a comprehensive tulpamancy resource that would also incorporate the wider scientific and historical picture of plurality. Do note that none of the staff are cognitive scientists or trained psychiatric professionals, so bear in mind while perusing the site that, while we can offer our perspectives as tulpamancers and plural systems, we are not trained to give formal psychiatric counseling or clinical advice.

We dedicate this site to Ashlynn (known also as metallica48423), Serena, Meina, Teresa, and Mio, collaborators and contributors to this site, dear friends to us and to many others–they who have touched many lives, who are dearly loved and greatly missed. Rest in peace.

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